The only thing that we cannot do by law on your behalf is register the death.

A death must be registered by the Registrar of Deaths for the district in which the death occurred. Cornwall is one registration district with 12 Registration Offices and you can register the death at any one of these 12 offices. A death should be registered within 5 days, unless the Registrar says that this period may be extended. Click here for Cornwall Council Registration website link

We can make an appointment for you or you can telephone to make an appointment yourself as soon as the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death has been issued to you. Please take this certificate with you when you attend the Registration Office.

You should allow approximately 40 minutes for the registration.

You will need to bring the following information with you:

  • If the death has not been referred to the coroner we will require the medical certificate of cause of death signed by the doctor or consultant, which confirms when and where the death occurred.

  • Information about when and where the death occurred

  • The full names and correct spelling of the deceased

  • Any maiden surname (if applicable)

  • If person who died was married/widowed or a civil partner, the full name(s) and occupation of spouse or civil partner

  • Date of birth of the deceased and spouse/civil partner if still married/in civil partnership at the time of death

  • Last known occupation

  • Address

You will also be able to obtain copies of the death certificate that you may require for Banks, Insurances, Premium Bonds, Shares, Private Pensions etc and these are priced at £4.00 each at the time of the registration

Tell Us Once (TUO)
If informant wishes, the Registrar can utilise a service to inform appropriate cross government authorities of the death

The Tell Us Once service, which is free and voluntary, is there to save you time by allowing the Registrar to pass on information to the authorities that need to know when someone has died. Once the death is registered, the Registrar, with your permission, will complete the electronic Tell Us Once Form and submit it to the relevant departments such as DWP, DVLA, Passport Office, Library Service.

The following information or documentation is required about the deceased when using Tell Us Once. Additionally, if you are NOT the next of kin, you will need their permission in order for the Registrar to pass on this information:

  • National Insurance No. and/or Date of Birth. The National Insurance No. can be found on any letters from the DWP that refer to any benefits (e.g State Pension).

  • Passport or Passport No.

  • Driving Licence or Driving Licence Number.

  • Blue Badge.

  • Details of Benefits or services they were receiving.

In addition to any Tell Us Once information or documentation, it is helpful but not essential to have:

  • A birth certificate.

  • A marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate.

  • The deceased’s medical card.

If the person attending to register the death cannot find these documents the registration can still be carried out as long as the person registering the death is confident about the information they are supplying.

Immediate family usually know all this information.

If you are NOT the next of kin, the Registrar may also ask for the names, address and contact details about:

  • Their next of kin.

  • Any surviving spouse/civil partner.

  • Anyone getting child benefit on their behalf.

  • The person dealing with the estate.

Please let the registrar know if the deceased was receiving a pension from a government department, for example, teacher, armed forces, civil servant.

After the death has been registered, the Registrar will issue you with some forms, as follows:

  • A Certificate for Burial or Cremation
    (known as the Green Form) is for you to take to the funeral director so that the funeral can take place. If a Coroner’s Post Mortem has taken place, this will not be issued for a cremation.

  • A Certificate of Registration of Death
    (Form BD8/344) is for Social Security purposes. Please read the back of the form in your own time.

  • Standard Death Certificates
    You may also need to purchase some death certificates. A death certificate is a certified copy of the entry in the death register. There is a small fee for death certificates.

These may be required by banks, building societies, solicitors or for pension claims and some insurance claims. You may wish to ask for several copies of the standard death certificate at the time of registration as the price increases if you need one at a later date.

If you would like any further information or have any questions regarding our services, please Contact Us.

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