Pre-paid Funerals

When a loved one passes away it often makes people consider their own funeral arrangements.

Planning your funeral can help to ease the burden from your family at the moment when they are least able to cope with it, plus it provides reassurance that your funeral will be as you want it.

Concerns are often raised, particularly if family members do not wish to discuss it or there are no relatives to leave instructions with, and discussing your wishes with us will take the worry off you.

If preplanning your funeral is something you would like to do, please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

There are two choices available to you:

  • Preplanned – having your wishes written down, but not paid for
  • Prepayment – having your wishes written down and paid for (details below)

Do you need a funeral plan?

Funeral costs are rising and could cost as much as £7000 by 2025! If you were to pass away today, would you or your family have funds available to pay for your funeral?  For many of us the answer is no.

The two most common problems for family and friends are not knowing wishes and, the worst one, having no money to pay for the funeral.

In order to protect our loved ones from the financial stress and the difficult decisions whilst arranging a funeral, even as basic as burial or cremation, the considerate choice is to take out a funeral plan.  Choose the services you want and secure the cost at today’s prices, relieving your loved ones of any worries and uncertainty at a distressing time.

There are five main benefits of purchasing a funeral plan

1.     You choose exactly how you want your funeral to be

2.     Save money, and the younger you are when taking out a plan the more money you will save.

3.     Peace of mind knowing your funeral arrangements have been planned

4.     Financial and emotional relief that your family won’t need to worry at the time

5.     Your money is protected and your funeral directors fees are guaranteed to be met in full

A funeral plan is a sensible and secure way to ensure if the worst happened you know your wishes will be carried out and you have taken the burden off your family.

You can include as little or as much detail as you wish, some people choose to only record the venue for the funeral service and burial or cremation but others record much fuller information including their choice of coffin, hymns, music, readings, poems, colours to be worn and even name their chosen bearers.

Prepayment Funeral Plans with Golden CharterSAIFnational logo

On 10th December 2014, Paul Bourton Funeral Service became members of SAIF (The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors), and are now able to offer prepayment funeral plans from Golden Charter, who only allow independent funeral directors registered with a recognised trade association to provide their Golden Charter plans.

The biggest benefit of us providing Golden Charter plans is that we can offer a bespoke funeral plan tailored to your requirements at our local prices so you only pay for what you want, rather than with the set Golden Charter plans, which are based on generic national figures for cremation.  This is called The Independent Way plan and could be considerably less in cost and far more personal.

Completing a Golden Charter Independent Way Funeral Plan by meeting with Stacey, either at your home or at our office in Foxhole or St Austell, can help to ease the financial and emotional burden on your family when the time comes.

Making these arrangements means you specify the funeral details you would like and your loved ones are spared the additional distress of organising it and paying for it.

By choosing to take out a funeral plan with us, you will benefit from:GCh Logo CMYK

  • A personalised, local service from your independent family funeral director
  • Peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of in advance

  • Reassurance that your family will not have to cope with any uncertainty or difficult decisions about your funeral arrangements

  • Saving money by fixing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices

  • Funeral director’s costs are guaranteed to be covered

  • Flexible ways to pay

Choose how you wish to pay

  • Immediate cover – Pay in full by cheque
  • Spread the cost – Pay over any period up to 10 years (no extra charge if paid within 12 months)
  • Low monthly payments – pay by fixed monthly payments (only available if you are aged 50-80)

Golden Charter offer Fixed Monthly Payment Plan which is considered a more affordable option to those who wish to pay for their funeral by monthly direct debit.

The Fixed Monthly Payment Plan has far more benefits than an insurance policy or general Over 50 plan and you have the safe guard that after 2 years of paying into the plan, your funeral director fees are guaranteed to be met in full, as per your plan instructions.

Contact Stacey to obtain the cost of a plan according to your specific wishes or what you can afford.

Is your money safe?

The Golden Charter Trust is a separate financial entity from Golden Charter Limited and is run by a board of independent trustees. Its purpose is to hold the payments made by plan holders and to pay the agreed invoice value to the independent funeral directors when the funerals take place.

This arrangement is to ensure that nothing can happen to Golden Charter – the company – that could possibly affect the future payments for the funeral plans.

SAIFnational logoGCh Logo CMYK

Golden Charter is the only funeral plan provider recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), which serves independent funeral directors nationwide.

Golden Charter Limited is a Registered Provider of Funeral Plans and complies with the Rules and Code Of Practice of the Funeral Planning Authority.  Golden Charter Founding Member of Funeral Planning Council.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of a Golden Charter funeral plan please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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